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Black mirror - SOLO Offspace
  link to the web gallery - 16. 5. 2017 - 31/05/2017

Black mirrors are a phenomenon that has its roots in mystical practices. It served as a tool for stimulating imagination. Today, these magical objects are not tied to a specific tradition, but are surrounded by many stories and assumptions. In doing so, they fulfill their purpose perhaps better than ever before.

The basic formal procedure was here

mystification - the figural element was mirrored in the paintings with varying degrees of stylization. The essence described in the exhibition can be the viewer's guide, which sometimes loses the viewer's imagination in an attempt to explain its material anchoring.

The effect of a black mirror whose unnatural reflections are stimulating was illustrated here in a free manner

the observer's imagination and are said to allow demons to be seen as well.


foto: Polina Davidenko

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