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UV pyrography




Light, creasing 

Year of origin



Material intelligence 


Jakub Tajovský

UV pyrography combines the technical possibilities of an automated process and craft sensitivity with fundamental natural and physical phenomena.
Ultraviolet light occurs naturally in sunlight and causes molecules to break up, increasing their energy. Thus, on the one hand, the aging of the material and the burning energy generated at high UV concentrations occur.
The use of UV pyrography makes it possible to work with the extended morphology of the image material.

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Burning with an ultraviolet ray plays out the natural register of expressions that the materials carry within them as their own imaginative capacity. Without the touch of a human hand, the materials are aged with the intention of developing their subjective imagination.

Instead of manual gestures, I try to develop an imprint of care and imitation of a non-human language in the paintings. By refining their surface with shellac polish, I emphasize the natural character - the grain of the wood. By supplementing the painted surface with pigments, the surface is objectified - imagination is never subjective, it is developed in synergistic actors. I then disturb the surface by burning, which turns the preserved surface into "vulgar contrasts" developing ideas about entropy and synergy of natural objects.

Pseudorealistic objects

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