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Digital painting

digitization of painting material


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Material intelligence 

Expo_dist is an experimental platform, continuously developed for different uses. It is the result of the collaboration between Jakub Tajovský and Jakub Valtar, designed as a digital alternative to the painting canvas. However, the program and its authors are always open to developing cooperation. Currently, Expo_dist serves as an imaginative incubator, a database of artistic research and theatrical scenography in parallel projects.

Expo_dist is intended for presentation in physical space as well as online. Individual editions are unique data artifacts in a limited number of author's copies. The content of the presented edition and the form of the presentations are always adapted to a specific situation. In the gallery, the projection is usually part of a complex scene that completes the context of the image. In Současnost, for example, we collaborate with the theater group on scenography for their performances.

In 2021, during the pandemic, several presentations took place online, when viewers could connect to the Expo stream and use their phone or computer to control the projection in the gallery. 

This prompted the theme of augmentation, which we are trying to develop further by mirroring the physical space, for example the documentation of the exhibition In my own field, where a physical painting created directly in the gallery was translated into a digital environment. In expanded media conditions, this documentation was then remixed using the sounds of cosmic bodies to create a complex, multisensory image of the subject of the painting.


In it's own field

Coram scenography

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