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Drip do pole - Gallery Dole, Ostrava Curator: Katarína Klusová /link to gallery website  - 27. 9 - 27.10. 2021 


Field Recording, LIA-Spinnerei,
Leipzig (DE)
Curator: Anna Louis-Rolland,
Exhibition from the rezi
dence -
 26. 9 - 3.10. 2020 


Series of the painting objects and the digital painting dataset. The project was created as part of a residency in Leipzig in 2021, where I developed plain-air painting techniques inspired by the musical phenomenon of fieldrecording. 
The result is a record of the local landscape where the painting material (in analog and digital form) serves as a carrier of diverse material impressions. Imprints of coal mines and their revitalized areas, and on the other hand, prints of city parks and their entropy and influence of urban culture, create an ecosystem (image) of a synthetic landscape presented as a collection of stylized, abstracted gestures. Their linear applications are inspired by visualizations of audio recordings and geological samples. 


Terraforms, 2020,


Glup on canvas 

Teraforms - detail.jpg

I later applied the linear dripping technique (founded during the residecy) in the development of the Malbot modular painting controller. 
In the case of the series from the residency at the Spinnerei in Leipzig, I tried to create a painterly language that would resemble a technical record such as musical scores or the rendering of virtual objects. 

The technical character is spontaneously complemented by the fluidity of the painting material, and thus an ambivalent dialogue between technology and nature occurs. 

Globallized and Landmarks1.jpg
Sediment - detail.jpg

Spikes and Burrows, 2020


Glup, canvas

Globalization, 2020,

Glup, medicimbal

Flash and Touch.jpg

Flash and Touch, 2020,

35x40cm 2x

Glup on canvas, wooden frame 


For ages, people have sought imaginative forms in the landscape. Rocks resembling a statue usually have names like Devil's Butt or Lovers. The names usually reflected the desires and concerns shared in contemporary society. Our current description of nature is more oriented towards technical-scientific definitions than folk mythologies. Anyway, in both cases, the viewpoints are too narrow to capture the complexity of the objects and relationships included in the landscape category.


Terraforms and Unthropocentric figures as subjects of landscape painting affect the complex relationships between  socio-scientific and natural culture.  Terraforms are interpreted as objects of the meeting of natural formations and human intervention. Unanthropocentric figures are  made up of gestures, and which  they are devoid of the imprint of human physiognomy.


Terraset, 2020,

140x40cm 2x

Glup, gypsum wood, glass, coal

Expo_dist-Fieldrecording - detail.jpg
Expo_dist-FIeldrecording - detail (2).jpg
Bez názvu-1.jpg
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