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CORAM - Scenography with the Orbita Theater, Brno Výstaviště/ House of the Lords of Kunštát/ Kumst, photo: Míla Vašíčková / Jakub Tajovský  Cooperation with the Orbita theater from 2021


The name of the performance Coram means public. The performance is about examining the relationship between personal and public space. The choreography of the performers, the scenography and the presence of the audience are each time on a different stage related to the space of shadows and projections of intimacy and sharing. 
The scenography created in the digital program Expo_dist is an environment that interactively adapts to the performed acts. Thanks to the portable control device, it is controlled by the "scenographer", the performers and the audience themselves. 

The content of visual and audio data within the installation was selected in cooperation with the authors and performers of the performance in order to suit the specific character types of the theater figures. As part of the performance, this content, as well as the thinly prepared theater figures, is intuitively developed. 

The Orbita Theater operates without a permanent stage, thanks to which they can develop the specific character of the place that is the stage in individual performances. Depending on the type of architecture, the method of drawing the audience into the story also changes. 

Coram as a performance is a dynamic place, a shared memory where experienced patterns of shared interaction settle.  

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